The ALAS project - Description

The ALAS project aims at:

  • - establishing a stable and durable co-operation network of the participating areas, open for other areas and partners, to base economic development on the cultural heritage of these areas, in particular their salt-works exploited in a traditional way, and to maintain and create permanent jobs;
  • - gaining, exchanging and transferring experience and know-how through the implementation of a concerted programme of activities related to the cultural and natural heritage of traditional salt-works;
  • - enhancing economic development and creating additional job opportunities in the partner regions, both with regard to the traditional production of salt and its marketing and to quality tourism;
  • - improving awareness with regard to the importance of cultural heritage for development;
  • - supporting the management and maintenance of the cultural and natural heritage in the areas of the network as a basis of regional development, in particular for tourism;
  • - producing visible, long-lasting outputs, such as pilot realisations and publications useful beyond this project;
  • - sustainable improvement of the public and private management structures, methods and capacities in the partner areas;
  • - contributing to the solution of specific local problems that the partner areas are facing;
  • - identifying possibilities of using other private and public financing sources, including future mainstream Structural Funds, in relation to the subject of the project;
  • - having the partners of the network better prepared for the future challenges and tasks of economic development in their particular situation.

Painter Pierre Pallaro

Salt pots 1900

Salt pigs


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