Lesvos (GREECE)

The island of Lesvos lies in the North East Aegean and is characterised by its rural activities (olive-oil, fishing, husbandry). It is famous for its gastronomic delicacies (salted fish, cheese, olive-oil). The island has 90.000 inhabitants. Two salinas are in operation, but they are no longer considered as traditional as one yearly harvest is made with machines. The local ALAS project activities include for instance the creation of a salt-museum and a traditional salina together with the implementation of ecological management plans.

Principal partner of the project: Development Company of Lesvos Prefectural Authority, AENAL.

Associate partners: Prefecture of Lesvos, University of the Aegean and Hellenic Saltworks S.A.

Additional partners: Municipality of Polichnitos and Agrotouristic Co-operative of Women of Polichnitos.

Contact: Spiros Efstratiou, Lena Vayanni and Hjalmar Dahm, AENAL, Nomarchia-Prokymaia, GR-81100 MYTILENE, Greece.

e-mail: hdahm@geo.aegean.gr

Polichnitos- the future salt museum

Salt harvest in Polichnitos with the future salt museum

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