A new salina network is born

The MedWet/Salinas network was created at the closing conference of ALAS in December 2002. The participants in the meeting agreed that the effort commenced through this project should be continued in order to conserve, promote and where possible restore the values (environmental, cultural and socio-economic) of Mediterranean salinas, both coastal and inland.
The participants who expressed their willingness to participate in the network proposed its operation under the auspices of MedWet, a proposal in line with the decisions of the 4th Mediterranean Wetlands Committee meeting in Sesimbra, Portugal (2001). The Medwet/Salinas network members further agreed on the Goal and Objectives of the network presented below. It was finally agreed that the members will participate and contribute to the operation of the network to the extent of their resources and capacity, while in the meantime the network will strive to mobilise new resources for further projects/activities. A first meeting of the network is planned to take place in spring 2003, most probably in Guérande, France.

MedWet/Salinas Network

To promote the collaboration for the appropriate management of salinas and the salt cycle in the Mediterranean region, for the long-term benefit of the environment, culture and social and economic interest of all stakeholders involved in the salt cycle.

  • Objective 1
    Bring together all stakeholders as equal partners and address ownership issues.
  • Objective 2
    Develop and promote relevant policies and strategies at all appropriate levels (regional, national, local).
  • Objective 3
    Define and implement specific actions and research and documentation to promote sustainable socio-economic development, nature conservation, protection and valuation of cultural wealth of salinas and surrounding areas.
  • Objective 4
    Promote and encourage the restoration of Mediterranean salinas.
  • Objective 5
    Increase Public awareness and education for Mediterranean salinas and actively disseminate the results of the networks activities.
  • Objective 6
    Mobilize financial and human resources for the achievement of the network’s goal.

If you wish to get more information or to join the MedWet/Salinas network, please contact:
MetWet coordination unit
Villa Kazouli
Lambraki & Kifissias


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