The ALAS Committees

The Project Management Committee was the supreme decisional body of ALAS. It was composed of a representative from each Principal Partner. The Committee met at all major events and also at specific meetings.

Members were:

  • Lesvos: Theodora Petanidou
  • Figueira da Foz: Sonia Pinto
  • Piran: Robert Turk
  • Pomorie: Milcho Skumov

Opted members: Chairpersons of the Technical Working Groups.

Secretary: Hjalmar Dahm

The Technical Working Groups played an important role in the work of ALAS. They produced the technical letters and give valuable advice to all the other issues (printed material, video, web-site, studies, reports…). The TWGs met during all the main events.

The responsibilities for the different TWGs were allocated as follows:

  • TWG1 Basic issues, dissemination and awareness raising - Lesvos
  • TWG3 Restoration, up-grading, construction and operation of traditional salt-works - Figueira da Foz
  • TWG4 Training of salters, co-operative structures, marketing and related measures - Piran
  • TWG6 Tourism issues - Pomorie


Annual conference

Project Management Committee


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