The aim of the research project was the scientific monitoring and evaluation of the performance of the three olive mill waste management pilot plants “Olive mill Th. Giannaka, Afalonas”, “Olive mill P. Kantaris & Son, Vasilika”, and “Cooperative Olive mill of Anemotia” on Lesvos Island. The monitoring program involved an overall supervision of the operation of pilot plants. This was achieved by a weekly on site visit program combined with the determination of several chemical and environmental parameters.  

The necessary analyses have been performed at the Department of Environment’s chemical laboratories by a graduate of the department and included pH, SS, conductivity, BOD, COD, Total Phenols, K+ and Na+.

For detailed infomation about the programme contact Mr. Anastasios Petalas, TEL.0030-2251036213, E mail:

Link to NAIAS-Programme (Olive mill waste management pilot plants construction)





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