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 Opinion of Central Jetty of Mitilini.

The Capital of Lesvos MITILENE is one from ancienter cities of Greece. Building above in the ruins of ancient city stretched amphitheatrically at length of beach. It took her name from a girl of Makaros, fabulous colonizator of island.

Today the Municipality Mitilene includes also the communities of Loutra, Taxiarhes, Panagjoyda, Moria, Alyfanta, Afalona, Pamfila and Saint Marina. It is seat of Ministry Aegean, Region of  N. Aegean and University Aegean.

At the top of hill that is building Mitilene dominates her Byzantine castle, one from bigger Mediterranean. The summertime in hypaethral theatre in the interior of castle they become cultural events, with attendance of artists from all Greece. Round the castle is extended pinewood the "tsamakia" and in the beginning of harbour, in the Sea, is raised the Statue of Freedom manufactured from bronze with marble base. The cathedral church is the Saint Athanassios. Different Temples in the historical centre of Mitilene are the Saint Servant,  The Statue of Freedom.  Saint Theodoros, the Saint Symeon and the Saint George. The many districts of city adorn crowd from landmarks palaces, samples of acne of city at the past. The market of Mitilene was one from her bigger in Small Asia. The trade flushed with opposite beach and was the manner of products turnover in remainder Greece.

The current historical centre (road Ermoy), at the antiquity was the channel that split  the city from the island that today is found the castle. The Eyripos. It constituted the natural fortress that split the city with the castle and except the city. The historical centre includes the shops (19 century), with architectural rythms oriental and ancient Greek in harmonious combination. It leads in the region of Above Scale , that was also the old harbour of Mitilene. Is saved a leg of jetty. Excavations that became in the regions show a lot of appreciable monuments ancient and newer (holy Kyveli, Apollo, Dimitra).

Parallel with the road Ermoy, is the jetty of Mitilene that carries the name of liberator of city, admiral Pavlos Koyntoyriotis. A lot of landmarks arhontika buildings in the space of jetty. As the Palace hotel "Big Bretania", the building kafeneio "Panellinio", the building of Commercial Bank, the hotel "Lykavitos", the Kolones, the Ottoman Bank, the Old port authority of Mitilene etc. Today this buildings rehouse tourist shops, nationally-owned enterprises and Banks. But in the remainder regions dominate also landmarks buildings, as in the region of Soyradas, the Long Seashore and the Pavilion.  Opinion of Mitilini.  Dominates the Ag. Servant.

The Municipal garden , where is found and the Municipal Theatre, constitutes the space of green of jetty and the traditional kafe of garden dews the aestival months natives and not.

Across the street of Municipal garden is found the building old Gymnasio building in 1890. Today is the Experimental Lyceum Mitilene and the 1st Lyceum Mitilene. Work of architect Argyri Adali, is jewel for the region of centre. Also in the historical centre is also found different a school the old Parthenagogeio. It was built with expense S. Voyrnazoy in 1899. Today is the 2nd Gymnasio of Mitilene and the  Municipal school. In the region of Above Scale are found the road Djkeli and the traditional building that entertains the Experimental Gymnasio of Mitilene . Finally in the region they find different two interesting buildings, the "Geni Tzami'" and the Turkish Loytro. They are made from Greek hands and today they are found in phase of restoration.

At the right of jetty in the "LANTERN" they are found near in the sea, crowd from shops, fishtaverns and cafeterias, while little more behind is extended in a lot of acres, the big parking of city. The Church Taxja'rhis that is found in the homonym village.

The Mitilene is seat of Aegean University. It was founded in 1984 and has departments except the Mitilene in Chios, Samo, Syros and Rhodes. The Aegean University  presents specialisation in the Environmental Sciences.

The production of cultural work was always big in the Mitilene. Poets, painters, novelists, musicians, sculptors, historians, philatelists, photographers etc. materialise: publications of books, concerts, reports, theatrical representations, speeches in all the sectors and in all the duration of year.

The hospitality of Lesvos is known in all the world. The visitors of island live with the dream him they visit again. Manies are those which fascinated from the natural beauties of place and vividness and creativity of his inhabitants, become permanent inhabitants.  Arhontjka' houses of Mitilini.

The Mitilene offers intense nightly life for all ages and all fancies. In the a lot of taverns that dispose of, the visitor will find islander titbits, excelant fishes from the seas of Lesvos, that in combination with the local famous olive and  broil octopus , make the world known oyzo Mitilini roll abundant.


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