Administration and Management
  Administrative Services

The Administration of the University is managed by the Senate, the Rector's Council and the Rector.


The Senate consists of the Rector of the University, the three Vice-Rectors, the Deans of the Schools, the Chairs of the Departments, the representatives of Associate Professors, Assistant Professors and Lecturers, student representatives of the Departents, the representatives of postgraduate students, a representative of Special Scientific and Teaching Staff (EEDIP), Special Technical Staff (ETEP) and of Administrative Staff. The Chairs and the student representatives of those Departments which are not independent do participate in the meetings of the Senate without, however, having the right to vote. Furthermore, a representative of Adjunct Instructors, and a representative of the Legal Adviser of the University participate in the Senate, provided that they are invited to the meeting(s).

Rector's Council

The Recor's Council consists of the Rector, the three Vice-Rectors, one student representative and one representative of Administrative Staff. The Legal Adviser of the University is also invited to these meetings.


The Rector represents and manages the University, convenes the Rector's Council and the Senate and oversees the implementation of the decisions mad by these bodies. The Rector is helped in his work by the three Vice-Rectors.