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Joint Programmes

The joint programming concept was introduced by the European Commission in July 2008 to support implementation of the European Research Area. The objective of joint programming is to increase the value of relevant national and EU R&D funding by concerted and joint planning, implementation and evaluation of national research programmes.

The University of the Aegean, through its joint programmes offers concise inter- and multi-disciplinary curricula in scientific fields which provoke the interest of the students aiming to achieve the integration of the theory and the practice of the systematic analysis, the holistic comprehension, and the management of diverse scientific issues into the various social frameworks.  Besides their academic task, the students get involved in research, interaction and other vocational skills, get oriented towards the European and universal networks and form career objectives and strategies.  

  • International Masters Programmes
  • PhDs under Joint supervision


International Masters Programmes

Ιnternational Master's in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management (MESPOM)

The University of the Aegean in the framework of the European Programme Erasmus Mundus organizes the Masters Course (MSc) in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management, MESPOM, in collaboration with the Central European University (Hungary), the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics at Lund University (Sweden) and the University of Manchester (UK) (as the coordinating institution).

The MS in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management (MESPOM) prepares students for careers in a wide range of environmental fields. Students are given a thorough understanding of sustainability polices and matters related to solving environmental problems.




M.Sc. Biodiversity Conservation - BIODIV

The University of the Aegean (Department of Marine Sciences and Department of Environment) in collaboration with the University of Montpellier II, ECOLAG Laboratory (Laboratoire Ecosystemes Lagunaires), operate Πρόγραμμα Masters Course (MSc) in "Biodiversity and Conversation" (BIODIV).

The main objective of BIODIV is the training of specialized scientific staff able to comprehend the subject of biodiversity conservation and be supplied with the necessary tools and methodologies to confront and practically solve problems of biodiversity maintenance. Special emphasis is given to biodiversity issues of the Mediterranean region in the framework of the global change. The graduates of the M.Sc. Program may either continue in research, pursuing a Ph.D., or work in the public or private sectors in France, Greece or elsewhere.




PhDs under Joint supervision

Doing a PhD under joint-supervision gives the students a unique opportunity to make a PhD jointly supervised by UoA and a foreign University. The aim of the programmes is to strengthen existing international research collaborations and stretch it out to Higher Education Institutions by favouring PhD students mobility.

The joint-supervision scheme gives the students the opportunity of an early international research experience.  The students experience another scientific and cultural environment, while they are able to develop an international professional address book.  Finally the students obtain a double research degree, recognized in both countries

The students enroll as PhD students in both institutions and have two supervisors, one in each country. Once they have completed their PhD they have either one or two PhD diplomas, one from each country, mentioning this is a PhD obtained under joint-supervision.

Each project is ruled by an agreement between the two Institutions that acknowledges the training is carried out under a joint-program.

The students only pay inscription fees once; typically they pay inscription fees at their home institution.

Like a regular PhD, the PhDs under joint supervision are 3 years programmes; however the studetns share their time between the two institutions and spend at least 1 year in both Countries though it may be distributed according to scientific needs.

The students have to submit and defend their PhD only once, in agreement with a scheme that stipulates the terms and conditions to satisfy both Institutions standards.

Legal framework for PhDs under joint supervision

The institution of phD under joint supervision is established by the 10th article of the Greek government law 3685/2008.


University of the Aegean jointly supervised PhDs

1. The University of the Aegean in collaboration with the University Paris I Sorbonne, France

Information: tel No: +30 2251 0 36161
FEK 1862 /Β΄/22-08-11

2. The University of the Aegean in collaboration with the University of Girona, Spain

Information: tel No: +30 2251 0 36161
FEK 977/Β΄/28-03-12

3. The University of the Aegean in collaboration with the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain

Information: tel No: +30 2251 0 36161
FEK  2398/Β΄/28-08-12