Every year, The University of the Aegean organises a good number of conferences, scientific meetings and events in which distinguished scientists, scholars and artists participate. The organisation of the various conferences, meetings and events aim at exchanging ideas and information about the scientific domains relevant to the University's teaching and scientific activities.

Moreover, the University of the Aegean has created an infrastructure to support students' needs and promote culture, civilization and sports on the boarder islands of the Archipelago (i.e. the Aegean Sea), encouraging and nurturing the development of free expression and improvisation.

The students of the University take an active part in various ways in the islander societies of the Aegean islands. Their activities contributes both to the invigoration of the local insular societies and to the students' well being because, apart from academic knowledge they acquire at the University, the students learn about local societies, their particularities, their limitations, the beauty of the different insular landscapes and their people.

Students' activities are organised both by a variety of cultural groups and by the students' associations of the University Departments.