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The assessment (evaluation) methods of students' performance depend on the nature of the discipline they study. Nevertheless, all methods include a combination of written or oral examinations and an assessment of the performance in the laboratories and the assignments which are usually completed during the year. The assessment of a student's performance aims at examining the student's degree of assimilation of the provided knowledge during the educational process. The memorisation of information should be henceforth combined with the student's ability to comprehend and use facts, concepts and information, so that s/he formulates and develops his/her own arguments and reaches his/her own conclusions.

Each course is examined either with written or oral examinations or with essays written in the end of each semester and presented orally during the semester or with the combination of these two assessment methods. The instructor who is responsible for teaching this course decides upon the way of examinaion, while the students get prepared for the final examinations with the help of the coursebook(s), the university notes and the indicative bibliography that the instructor has suggested to them. If a student fails in one or more subjects (courses), a second examination period is provided within the same academic year. Should s/he fail in a compulsory course, the student has to repeat it in the next semester. In case s/he fails in an elective compulsory course, the student has the opportunity either to repeat it in the next semesters or to replace it with another course.