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The student graduates from any Department of the University, as long as s/he completes the Undergraduate Studies Programme of the Department in which s/he studies. In order to graduate, a student has to have completed a specific number of semesters; s/he has to have finished successfully a specific number of courses and to have defended his/her Undergraduate Thesis (wherever it is compulsory). The student also has to have obtained the minimum necessary number of teaching units. All the above-mentioned are established by the General Assembly of each Department and are described in the Regulations of Studies Programmes of the corresponding Departments.

The way that the final grade of the degree is calculated is the same for all the Higher Education Institutions of the country according to Ministerial Decision F141/V3/2166 (Official Journal of the Hellenic Republic (FEK) 308 Vol. B, 18.6.1987). The final grade is the average of all the grades that the student accummulated in all his/her courses. If the student accummulates more teaching units than the minimum of the required ones, then, by filling in an application form, s/he can request the grades of some courses may not be calculated in the final grade of his/her degree.

The final grade that is granted to the student and is written in his/her degree ranges among: "well" (a grade lower than 6,49 [out of 10,00]), "very well" (a grade between 6,50 and 8,49) and "excellent" (a grade equal to or higher than 8,50), while the precise grade is marked down with two decimal digits.

Students' graduation is a special ceremony which is organised upon the completion of the various examination periods. Its dates are usually specified and announced by the Rector's Council of the University.