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From its foundation until today, there is a great number of active student groups in the University Aegean, promoting culture and sorts on the border islands of the Archipelago (i.e. the Aegean Sea) and nurturing freedom of speech and improvisation.

The very existence of these groups is related, on the one hand, to the need of young people to express themselves creatively through fine arts, and, on the other hand, to the lack of relevant activities in the local societies.

Such initiatives develop in all Schools of the University of the Aegean. Beside the football and basketball teams, a group of Tae Kwon Do is really active in the University Unit of Rhodes. Furthermore, there are several groups cultivating fine arts. For example, there are theatre groups, who put on two theatrical performances a year, a choir and a film group, who show films weekly and pay tribute to important directors.

It is worth mentioning that the University's radio station broadcasts 24 hours a day and has a recording studio. Furthermore, students' dancing groups are famous for their very good and qualitative dancing perfomances. Finally, the bimonthly publication of the magazine "Idiotypon" (lit. peculiar, odd), which deals with various issues, is quite notable.

Students of the University Unit of Samos also organise envents of the same kind. Every year, a four-day event is organised, where, exept for students, renowned artists are invited. During these events, two dancing groups, the theatre group and the photographic team present their work. It is also worth noting the operation of the radio station and the students' haunt have become a space of freedom of speech and expression, constructive discussions and film shows.

What is also very unique is the polo team , who participate in and distinguish themselves in the Pan-Hellenic University Championship. Moreover, both music bands with their rock sounds and the dancing group are of great interest.

Similar (cultural) activities also occur in Ermoupolis (the capital) of the island of Syros, where dancing groups and music bands are quite active. Having put lots of personal work and effort, students have created a cafeteria - haunt and a recording studio for their music band. It is also worth mentioning the publication of the magazine "Apopeira" (lit. attempt) by a student group. In addition, there are football and basketball teams on Syros.

Finally, on the island of Lesvos - an island with rich cultural heritage - students couldn't do otherwise but contribute to cultural events. In Mytilene (the capital of Lesvos), there are the following groups and teams: two dancing groups (who perform folk and modern dances), more than ten music bands, playing all different sorts of music, a photographic team and a film group showing two films a week. Furthermore, the 'Week of Environment", organised by the Department of Environmental Studies, takes place in Mytilene every year. Within this framework, concerts and other activities related to the Environment and its protection are organised and implemented.

More generally, students' groups organise conferences, meetings, talks and film shows which are relevant to the subjects and domains that interest their Departments. Within the context of these activities, a lot of important people of arts and belles lettres (lit. literary figures) visit the islands, on which the various University Units (with the respective Schools and Departments) are located.

The most important moment of the University' cultural presence is "cultural week" (see the respective entry) . Every year, all students' groups gather together on a diffent island to get to know each other and discuss about their common problems and concerns, as members of the same academic community.

Another remarkable effort, which also aims at improving communication among students from different islands, is the electronic magazine "Contrabato" , for which students can write articles / to which students can submit articles. The objective of this e-magazine is to become the platform of dialogue, constructive criticism, reasoning and reflection.

The Association of Environmental Education of the Department of Environmental Studies (S.PAT.PE.) is one of the first environmental non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in the Aegean Sea. It was founded by people related to the Department of Environmental Studies - that is, by postgraduate students, Environmentalists (alumni of the Department of Environmental Studies and academic and administrative staff of the Department - in Mytilene in November 1997. The aim of this Association is to inform, educate, make aware and activate citizens of all ages so to protect the environment on local and international level.

  • Radio Group
  • Music Band
  • Theatrical Association "Prova" (lit. "Rehearsal") Students put on theatrical performances in the Municipal Theatre of the (respective) city.
  • Students' Dancing Group "Orfeas" (lit. " Orpheus ")
    Website :
    Students organise performances of Greek folk dances inside and ouside of the (respective) Prefecture.
  • Students' Photographic Team
  • Students' Chess Association
  • Students' Film Group
    Films are shown in the University's premises.