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The registration date for the first-year students is announced by the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs.

The documentation is submitted to the Secretariat of the Department of Entry. It can be submitted either by the applicant or by another authorised individual on behalf of the applicant. The authorisation should be legally certified.

The required documents for the student's first registration are:

  • A certificate of graduation from Lyceum, or a legally certified copy or a photocopy of it . Should the original certificate have been initially submitted, it can be given back to the interested party (i.e. the applicant), when s/he submits the respective certified document or a photocopy of it.
  • A Statement (of Law 1599) decaring that the student who is entering the Programme is not registered in any other Department or School at any University in Greece or Cyprus.
  • Six (6) photos of an ID type (i.e. small size) ; they can be either coloured or black and white.
  • A photocopy of the ID , which does not need to be certified.
  • The graduates of the Integrated Lyceum have to submit a certified copy of a Statement issued by the Integrated Lyceum in which the graduate's grades are mentioned and considered for his/her entry in the tertiary education. In other words, the Lyceum graduates have to submit a certified copy of their transcript.

This applicant who has already been registered in a School or a Department at a University in Greece or in Cyprus and s/he enters another School or a Department at another Universtiy, s/he cannot be registered in the new School or Department unless s/he is crossed off the list of the Institution in which s/he was previously registered.