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Students' Summer Work Placement (or Summer Internship) ( SWP or SI ) is implemented by a lot of Departments of the University of the Aegean.

Each Department collaborates with various sectors and agencies (i.e. businesses, public organisations, institutes, research centres, etc.) that offer work placement to the students for two months in the summertime. The objective of the SWP (or SI ) is to help the students to understand the real work conditions of professional life, to use the theoretical knowledge that they acquire during their studies so to get facilitated in their professional orientation. In this way, the links of collaboration between the academic staff of the University and the agencies of production are further forged, while the various sectors, agencies and business are given the opportunity both to learn about the different domains and the level of the studies provided by the various Departments and to offer a post to graduates of the University.

The SWP (or SI ) is an optional course (i.e. an option), in the end of which students should write a Technical Report which is marked.

An Adviser (i.e. an Academic Staff) from the respective Department and a person in charge from the respective business or agency are allocated to each student who opts for the SWP (or SI ). These two persons decide upon what the student will do while working in the business or the agency and provide him/her with the necessary information.