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The University of the Aegean offers  17 undergraduate (BA or BSc) and 28 postgraduate (MA or MSc) programmes in modern interdisciplinary thematic areas such as environment, communication systems, cultural informatics, product design, food and nutritional sciences, education design  and Mediterranean studies. In addition, the UAegean has established joined international postgraduate programs as well as joined PhD degree programmes  that offer  concise inter- and multi-disciplinary curricula in specific scientific fields.

Institutional Diploma Supplement

The Diploma Supplement was established in article 15 of Law 3374 (Government Gazette A 189/02.08.2005) on Quality Assurance in Higher Education Transfer and Accreditation System Diploma Supplement. It is a personal document attached to a higher education degree,  in order to make it easier for third persons particularly persons in another country to understand what the diploma means in terms of knowledge and competences acquired by its holder.  The Diploma Supplement is issued upon completion of a course of studies in both Greek and English.

  Undergraduate Study Programmes - Institutional Diploma Supplement (in English) 
  Undergraduate Study Programmes -  Institutional Diploma Supplement ( in Greek)
  Postgraduate  Study Programmes - Institutional Diploma Supplement (in English)
  Postgraduate  Study Programmes - Institutional Diploma Supplement (in Greek)

European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)
  ECTS is part of the ΕRASMUS Programme (European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students) and its aim is to promote the processes of recognition of study among cooperating institutes in Europe. It was first used in the academic year 1992-93, and it enables students to recognize the part of their studies that was realized in universities abroad.

In University of the Aegean  the ECTS is applied to all schools.
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