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Apart from offering modern and qualitative education, the University of the Aegean nurtures and promotes basic and applied research. The University's co - operation with Greek and foreign Universities, Research Centres and Corporations, its well-equipped laboratories, the high quality of Academic and Research Staff have contributed to significant results that the University of the Aegean has shown in this domain.

The research policy of this Institution is to support every research initiative, and has been supported by all Administrations of the University of the Aegean up to now. Furthermore, the results of this policy have been two-fold. First, it has given the opportuity to all those who are interested in research to develop research initiatives. Second, the research policy has generated scientific domains, thus having made Universiy well-known internationally.

The principle scientific research areas in which the University of the Aegean is engaged are: Environmental Sciences and Technologies, Social Sciences, Finances and Business Administration, Information and Communications Technologies, Mathematics and Actuarial Science, Humanities and Sciences of Education.

Furthermore , the research carried out in and by the University of the Aegean has significantly contributed to the solution of local problems , thus connecting the University's operation with the local societies of the islands on which every Department is located. At the same time, it has contributed to the generation and support of Academic Staff of high calibre who contribute substantially to research, university education and production.

Simultaneously, and within the framework of its research policy, the University of the Aegean couldn't have ignored the importance of basic research. Considering that the allocated resources for basic research are limited, the University itself has funded lots of research projects carried out by its Academic Staff. The Research Committee is mainly responsible both for the submission of a complete proposal for the University's research policy and for the implementation of this very research policy. The management of research projects is one of the responsibilities of the Research Committee. Within this framework, the Secretariat of Special Account of Research (EAE) informs University's Academic and Research Staff for possible funding resources, encourages the submission of proposals for specific research projects and, finally, directs and guides the University Staff how to find funds and how to proceed with fund-raising.