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The University Units (Schools and Departments) are located on six different islands in the Aegean Archipelago (Lesvos ,Lemnos, Chios , Samos , Syros, Rhodes ), thus making the University of the Aegean a pioneer network university. The beautiful Aegean islands provide a unique natural, cultural and human environment in which high quality research and education can thrive.

The University Units are:

  1. UNIVERSITY UNIT OF MYTILENE (based in Mytilene, Lesvos)
  2. UNIVERSITY UNIT OF CHIOS (based in Chios, Chios)
  3. UNIVERSITY UNIT OF SYROS (based in Ermoupolis, Syros)
  4. UNIVERSITY UNIT OF SAMOS (based in Karlovasi, Samos)
  5. UNIVERSITY UNIT OF RHODES (based in Rhodes, Rhodes)
  6. UNIVERSITY UNIT OF LEMNOS (based in Myrina, Lemnos)