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Salt and salinas
as natural resources and alternative poles
for local development
Mytilene, 29 November – 1 December 2002

Department of Geography – University of the Aegean
Development Company of Lesvos Prefecture
Ministry of the Aegean


Plenary sessions (first & last days): Chamber of Lesvos Conference Room
Second day: Polichnitos


Aims of the Conference are to diffuse the results of the ALAS Project and make them publicly known within the local society and the Aegean world, as well as to summarize and reset the objectives of the ALAS through the salt museums that are under creation in the four Project sites.

A major objective of the Conference is to organize networks of collaboration between interested institutions and individuals dealing with salt, salt production, management of salinas and salt museums. Such networks, to operate beyond the framework and auspices of the ALAS Project, can be those of Mediterranean salinas, of Salt Museums, of scientists and experts in salinas issues, of traditional salt producers etc.


  • Historical value of Mediterranean salinas
  • Know-how of salt making until the beginning of the 20th century in the Aegean, Greece and the Mediterranean
  • Cultural, natural and educational value of salinas
  • Creation and operation of salt museums
  • Ecology, ecological management, environmental education in salinas
  • Alternative forms of salinas exploitation and local development: salinas and tourism – salt gastronomy – salt and salinas as basis for local development
  • Planning, general management and conservation of salinas


  • Themistoklis Lekkas, Rector and Professor of the University of the Aegean and President of the "Hellenic Saltworks SA"
  • Theodora Petanidou, Associate Professor at the Department of Geography, University of the Aegean and Member of the ALAS Project Management Committee, Lesvos
  • Spiros Efstratiou, ALAS Project Manager, Lesvos
  • Renato Neves, Scientific Collaborator of ALAS Project, Figueira da Foz
  • Robert Turk, Member of the ALAS Project Management Committee, Piran
  • Milcho Skumov, Member of the ALAS Project Management Committee, Pomorie
  • Hjalmar Dahm, Assistant Project Manager, Lesvos
  • Lena Vayanni, scientific collaborator of the ALAS Project, Lesvos


  • Friday 29/11/2002
    • Plenary session of the Conference: Presentation of the ALAS results – Keynote speakers
  • Saturday 30/11/2002
    • Four parallel workshops: Local development, Nature conservation, Cultural heritage, History and know-how of traditional salinas in the Aegean and Greece
    • Excursion to the salinas and the Salt Museum of Polichnitos
  • Sunday 1/12/2002
    • "What futures for the Mediterranean salinas?": Presentation of the Conference results denoting those of the workshops – Keynote speakers of International Institutions –
  • Concluding the Conference.


Official languages of the Conference are English and French. Synchronous translation into Greek only during the plenary session at the Chamber of Lesvos Conference Room.

The workshop on the History and techniques in traditional salinas of Greece will be held in Greek.


People wishing to participate in the Conference are expected to duly fill the attached inscription form (statement of attendance) and send it to the Organization Committee before October 25th.


Projector (overhead – slide), screen of projection, PC, video and data display, internet connection, synchronous translation during the first day

Proceedings to all participants



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