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Journal of Regional Socio-Economic and Business (JRSEB)

International Journal of Management, Marketing and Technology (IJMMT) 

International Journal of Management, Marketing and Technology (IJMMT)

The International Journal of Management, Marketing and Technology (IJMMT) is a is a refereed peer-reviewed journal published both in print and online by the Mind Reader Publications, India.

The International Journal of Management, Marketing and Technology (IJMMT) aims to advance theory, research, and empirical examination of theory - and research - based knowledge in the fields of management and technology, providing a forum to explicate theoretical insights and developments and to inform and improve management and technology practices, through publishing new scientific insights that advance understanding of management and technology topics.

The IJMMT is an interdisciplinary journal which publishes scientific theoretical and empirical papers, reviews, qualitative and quantitative research, critiques, exchanges, and retrospectives on any substantive topic that is conceived with, and draws implications for management and technology. The IJMMT broadly defines its constituents to include academics, researchers, scholars, academic institutions, as well as consultants, policy makers and practitioners in private or public organizations in which management and technology are of central concern.

The mission of the IJMMT is designed to advance applied research in management and technology topics, further the advancement of knowledge and economic science, including advances in planning and modeling, creating and disseminating innovative research and academic knowledge on the topics of management and technology. Specifically, the mission objectives of the IJMMT may be summarized into:


1.  create and disseminate scientific knowledge through research findings, new research areas and techniques, as well as conceptual developments to the academic practitioners, individuals and organizations

2.  publish accessible empirical research papers which test, extend and build management and technology theory and contribute to management practice and emerging research concerning management and technology

3.  encourage interaction between academic and business community, and develop business/research cooperation between individuals, organizations, institutions and countries

4.  assist academics and practitioners to keep-up-to-date with scientific developments in management and technology

5.  advance the understanding of social, organizational, institutional, legal, ethical and economic environment affecting management and technology


The IJMMT schedules to publish three times in a year. To be published in the IJMMT a manuscript must make strong empirical and theoretical contributions and highlight the significance of those contributions to the management and technology fields. Thus, preference is given to submissions that test, extend, or build strong theoretical frameworks while empirically examining issues with high importance for management and technology theory and practice. All empirical methods (including qualitative, quantitative, and combination methods) are welcome

Journal of Regional Socio-Economics and Business, ISSN No. 0976-4874


Aims of the Journal:  

Journal of Regional Socio-Economic and Business (JRSEB) is an international multidisciplinary refereed journal the purpose of which is to present manuscripts that are linked to all aspects of regional socio-economic and business and all related issues. The journal welcomes all points of view and perspectives and encourages original research or applied study in any of the areas listed above. The views expressed in this journal are the personal views of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of JRSEB journal. The journal invites contributions from both academic and industry scholars. If you have any questions about the journal, please contact the chief editor. Electronic submissions are highly encouraged (mail to: gkorres@geo.aegean.gr).  

Review Process: 

Each suitable article is blind-reviewed by two members of the editorial review board. A recommendation is then made by the Editor-in-Chief. The final decision is made by the Editor-in-Chief. If a revision is recommended, the revised paper is sent for a final approval to the Chief-Editor.  

Publication Date and Frequency: Three issues per year i.e. March, June and September.

Indexing and Abstracting:, EBSCO database, Journal of Economic Literature, etc...



Prof. Dr. George M. Korres
University of the Aegean,
School of Social Sciences, Department of Geography
University Hill, Mytilini 81100, Lesvos, Greece
e-mail: gkorres@hol.gr, gkorres@geo.aegean.gr

Managing Editor
Mr. Vinay Jha
Business Manager- Publication Department
Mind Reader Publications
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